Soft Tissue Surgery

Niagara Foot Care Clinic and Orthotic Centre takes pride in offering the best foot care treatments to all our patients. We offer minimally invasive surgical procedures, which help in addressing the issue correctly. Our services are available in both Grimsby and Welland.

We Address Many Podiatric Conditions:

Tenotomy of the Toe Flexor Tendon

Tenotomy of the toe flexor tendon is a simple and efficient technique. It corrects the mobile secondary claw toes deformities in forefoot surgery. However, we found complications such as a lack of toe grasping.

Permanent Correction of Ingrown Nails

Partial Nail Removal (Matrixectomy) is used to remove a portion of an ingrown toenail, which causes pain or discomfort to a patient. The procedure also prevents the ingrown toenail from returning. The procedure requires a local anesthesia, and it only requires a few minutes to perform.

Wart Removal

We perform wart removal procedures with the use of laser and Faulkner's needling technique.